Samstag, 13. August 2016

People change..

Sometimes you think, that you finally got to know a person, who you call an amazing/a good friend..
Don't let yourself be fooled!
Just today a veeeerry very good friend of mine did something, which involved me, I couldn't have imagined...
Sometimes you'll experience a totally different, strange & mean thing, you never would or could imagine!
Try to focus on yourself & stay away from that kind of people. It's indescribably hard BUT life goes on..
When you tell a person, that you don't like certain things & you also tell them "Please, don't do such things, when it involves me" & they do it anyways, than that's NO real friendship! If you don't feel comfortable around the people you call friends, stay away & do your thing!!

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Hello dears~ It's nice to meet you all on blogspot.
I would be happy about making some friends in here, with whom I can share some of my hobbies & interests. I'm waiting for some comments and your lovely opinions~~ ;)